What is New in UHT

The on-line class 3rd - 15th October 2020 is 'Instructor Training' but it is open to all students, either first-timers or Master Chia's regular students. If you have been enjoying his teaching, you can also use this opportunity to train to become an instructor, and share the Tao with those around you.

To ensure high standards and easy access, UHT has adapted Instructor Training, evaluation and certifying procedures to meet the demands of our new global situation. 

Tao Garden Retreat Centre is closed for the foreseeable future, so no more 1-month Instructor Training Retreats intensive training, as in our past Winter Retreat which had a team of Senior Instructors, led by Master Chia, who could constantly assess candidates’ progress. Master Chia has cancelled his world teaching tours for the next 2 years, but he will be continuing his teaching on-line.


From now on:  Step 1 - become an Associate UHT Instructor and Step 2 - having taught for a minimum of 6 months you can go on to do Certified UHT Instructor training (replacing doing it all in a 1- month Winter Retreat).


UHT Associate Instructors who achieved their level pre-Covid (March 2020 when Master Chia had to cancel his world tour seminars) can become UHT Certified Instructors by up-dating their knowledge with the on-line Instructor Training in October and then doing a 3-day evaluation class with a UHT Senior 2 (a new grade of instructor who can now evaluate and award Certified Instructor and Associate Instructor status).

They will be tested in: Micro-Cosmic Orbit, 3 Tan Tien Fires & 6 Direction Chi Kung, Passing Energy


        How to become an Associate Instructor.

-With 6 months of practising the Tao, which includes 60 hours of on-line or physical class hours of training.  If only on-line hours, then this must include 40 hours with Master Chia 

-Completing the 12-day on-line Instructor Training in October 2020 (either at home or with a Senior Instructor)

- Attending a 3-day Instructor Evaluation Training Class with a Senior Instructor; to deepen their techniques, present 9 pre-prepared case-studies,  and be tested on: 6 Healing Sounds, Inner Smile, Self Healing Chi Kung, Chi Self-Massage

This means that if you started Master Chia’s on-line courses in April, you can do the October Instructor Training and follow up with one of the 3-day evaluation classes to hopefully pass and become an Associate Instructor. Likewise having started in May, you can attend an Evaluation Training Class in November, etc.  If you have been training with local UHT instructors you could still be eligible to mix those hours with the on-lines as above.

Your training classes are traceable, please write-in all on-line classes in the UHT passport, keeping the receipt/class link with it, and also write-in all physical classes which are signed by the teaching Instructor.  Passport Link


UHT Instructor Training Classes in France:

In Normandy, near Caen, in English and French, (also Dutch):             

6th – 8th November 2020 with Senior 2 Instructor Luc Leyton & Anglo-Franco Instructor team support. Open to those wishing to become Associate or  for present Associates to up-grade to Certified Instructor.  Please check your pre-requisites before enrolling, for further information, see below & write: infomantakchiaparis@gmail.com  

Associate Instructors can then: teach individuals or small groups the following practices: Inner Smile Meditation, Six Healing Sounds, Chi Self-Massage, Self Healing Chi kung.

You can continue training with Master Chia, Certified and Senior Instructors to become a Certified Instructor. 

You can assist Certified and Senior Instructors in their classes at their invitation.

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           How to Become a Certified Instructor 

  • 6 months minimum practising as an Associate Instructor is indispensable.

  • 60 hours study with Senior Instructors or Master Chia – this can include on-line classes (40 hours as a minimum with Master Chia) and 

  • up-date your UHT passport to include these hours. https://www.universaltaoinstructors.com/site/assets/files/14215/uht_c_global_passport_2019.pdf

  • Complete 15 Certified Instructor Case Study Forms.

  • Up-dating practices 60 hours, at least 40 with Master Chia – this is satisfied with the Instructor Training 3rd – 15th October 2020 on-line with Master Chia

  • Have a profile in the UHT Instructor data-base: https://www.universaltaoinstructors.com


  • Attend an evaluation class with a Senior Level 2. You will be tested on: Opening the Micro-Cosmic Orbit, Activating the 3 Tan Tien Fires & 6 Directions, Passing Energy.


Afterwards you must up-date with Master Chia every 3 – 5 years by attending a course, on-line or in his presence.


You can continue training for other certifications in:  Iron Shirt, Healing Love, Tao Yin, Tan Tien Chi Kung, Tai Chi,  etc.  and teach the practices you are certified in.


You can teach groups anywhere and begin training students who wish to go on to Associate Instructor level.

EVALUATION Course in Normandy 6th, 7th 8th November 2020

to become either Associate or Certified Instructor.  With Luc Leyton, Senior Level 2 Instructor.  In French & English. Luc will be training both levels of instructors and then evaluating and certifying successful candidates, with support from Anglo-French instructor Team. As places are limited please be sure that you have the pre-requisites to certify, as priority will be given to candidates wishing to do so.  

290€, 10% discount for students and job-seekers.

Luc can also certify: Tao Yin, Healing Love etc. please mention if you wish to be tested for an extra certification when you enrol, this is possible but might have to be after 17h.

usual certification fees to be paid to UHT (20€ fee for digital certificate and enrolment in the data base on successful evaluation)

write: infomantakchiaparis@gmail.com

Hermanville sur Mer - 14880 (Post Code) - is on the coast 12 kms from Caen. Main line trains from Paris, local tram/bus Twisto (check hours) nearby parking. 15 mins from Portsmouth to Caen Car Ferry (to the port of Ouistreham) Brittany Ferries.

Hours: 9:00 - 17:00   Hot drinks but not food provided. Possibility to eat and/or heat up lunch 

Local accommodation recommended: Hotel Canada http://www.hotellecanada.com/fr/

+33 2 31 97 23 48  is a 10 minute walk to class, and 1 minute from beach.