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What's new in UHT


For all Instructor Training, please get in touch with us. You can apply to certify as Associate or Certified Instructors if you have followed enough in-person or on-line classes.

To ensure high standards and easy access, UHT has adapted instructor training, evaluation and certifying procedures to meet the demands of our new global situation. 

Tao Garden Retreat Centre is open for the famous Intensive Instructor training,  during the Winter Retreat the concentration is on Fusion of the 5 Elements and the advanced Inner Alchemy Classes like Kan & Li. In the Summer Retreat, HEALING:  Cosmic Healing and Chi New Tsang, is the them . The Retreats are also on-line:  January, February & March & July & August with Master Chia. In Tao Garden the classes are more intensive and supported by a team of Senior Instructors doing after-class classes.   While the world is living through difficult times, we are focusing on the positives! We continue to practice and share the wonderful taoist practices and you can join our global teaching corps. We have adapted our teaching requirements to maintain high quality but in fact it has never been easier to study! On-line teaching has made this much more accessible for many, as studying from home can be easier, and certainly cheaper than travelling to the classes. 

From now on


  • Step 1:  Become an Associate UHT Instructor and

  • Step 2:  Having taught for a minimum of 6 months, you can go on to take the Certified UHT Instructor training (instead of the one-month Winter Retreat).


UHT Associate Instructors who achieved their level pre-Covid (March 2020 when Master Chia had to cancel his world tour seminars) can become UHT Certified Instructors by updating their knowledge with the online Instructor Training in October and then doing a 3-day evaluation class with a UHT Senior 2 (a new grade of instructor who can now evaluate and award Certified Instructor and Associate Instructor status).  However it is not necessary to have attended that course to go to the evaluation class. Associate Instructors who qualified pre-covid would already have done the Micro-Cosmic Orbit test and so will not need to repeat it, and new Associates will not be tested on it until they wish to upgrade to CI. 

They will be tested in Micro-Cosmic Orbit, 3 Tan Tien Fires & 6 Direction Chi Kung, Passing Energy.

For all information please go to:

you can download the Case Study form to upgrade from Associate to Certified Instructor and the 'Education Path' is explained.

Candidates for AI will be tested on: Inner Smile, Healing Sounds, Simple Chi Kung & some Self Massage.  The testing in our last class with Luc was a moment of joy, sharing the practices, so do not feel intimidated.

To Become an Associate Instructor it is important to start sharing the practices; if you have done the pre-requisite hours, get in touch with us if you are not sure if you qualify. UHT has had to change the rules.  However the rules are adapted to also take in the many people who have been following the Tao for some time, but who might not have been aiming at instructor training before the world went zoom.  It is essential to have done some studying recently and for upgrading to Certified Instructor at least 4 days with Master Chia (on-line is fine) But classes with other instructors count, and if you have done some self-study, let us know about that too. There are non-compulsory case studies to become an AI, ask us for an example as they are useful as a focus to your lessons. There are also case studies to upgrade to CI, but NOT compulsory if you were already an AI before 'covid' changed things. It is not necessary to have done the recent on-line instructor training if other conditions apply to you, so please ask us.


  • 6 months minimum practising as an Associate Instructor is indispensable

  • 60 hours study with Senior Instructors or Master Chia – this can include on-line classes (40 hours as a minimum with Master Chia) and update your UHT passport to include these hours. 
    Complete nine Certified Instructor Case Study Forms from 2021

  • Updating practices 60 hours, at least 40 with Master Chia

  • Have a profile in the UHT Instructor data-base:

  • Attend an evaluation class with a Senior Level 2. You will be tested on: Opening the Micro-Cosmic Orbit, Activating the 3 Tan Tien Fires & 6 Directions, Passing Energy.

Afterwards you must update with Master Chia every 3 – 5 years by attending a course, on-line or in his presence.


You can continue training for other certifications in: Iron Shirt, Healing Love, Tao Yin, Tan Tien Chi Kung, Tai Chi,  etc.  and teach the practices you are certified in.


You can teach groups anywhere and begin training students who wish to go on to Associate Instructor level.


  • With 6 months of practising the Tao, which includes 60 hours of on-line or physical class hours of training.  If only online hours, then this must include 40 hours with Master Chia 

  • Completing the 12-day on-line Instructor Training in October 2020 (either at home or with a Senior Instructor)

  • Attending a 3-day Instructor Evaluation Training Class with a Senior Instructor; to deepen their techniques, present 9 pre-prepared case-studies,(from 2021) and be tested on: 6 Healing Sounds, Inner Smile, Self Healing Chi Kung, Chi Self-Massage

This means that if you started Master Chia’s online courses in April, you can do the October Instructor Training and follow up with one of the 3-day evaluation classes to hopefully pass and become an Associate Instructor.


Likewise having started in May, you can attend an Evaluation Training Class in November, etc.  If you have been training with local UHT instructors, you could still be eligible to mix those hours with the on-lines as above.

Your training classes are traceable. Please write down all online classes in the UHT passport, keeping the receipt/class link with it. Also write down all physical classes which are signed by the teaching Instructor.  


Passport Link

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